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Which do you think is a sophisticated coating or covering?

I like the walls painted in natural colors, but I like the bathroom walls with natural tiles or different wall coverings it seems more sophisticated to me.

I used 3 different types of tiles on these bathroom walls because I wanted to achieve a different contrast and appearance and I think I achieved what I wanted.

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I created a different and incredibly beautiful contrast on each wall. I used a stone slat tile on this wall because the vanity is already wooden and covered with a shiny tile so an elegant contrast came out.


As you can see on this wall, I used 3 different types of tiles. matte stone slat tile, matt cement tile, and very eye-catcher polished tile with a steel look of 12 x 48 in different and large sizes. Did, you like this wall view?

If you want to have a sophisticated, elegant bathroom, please HIRE us, we are ready to help you with a professional team. Thank you for following my page.


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