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Dining Room-Home Bar

Chic Dining Room and Home Bar – Transitional brown floor, dining room idea in Miami with white walls. The dining room is featuring a modern wood table and dark upholstered chairs, a hand-knotted geometric texture area rug, ink-fluid gold framed triple gorgeous wall arts, special collections of triple Ballerinas sculpture, Calla lilies silver-gold bowl with full silk flowers, an eye-catching gold table lamp, and accent wall painted in the same color of the console front. This chic yet transitional style dining room features a bar nook with antique gold mirror backsplash, drinkware glass shelving, wood veneer cabinets, and trims with black marble countertop along with triple wine mini-refrigerators. “Thank you very much Crate & Barrel for eye-catching and quality drinkware and bar tools”

Miami Condo Kitchen

I always like and use modern and classical mix decor in a minimal kitchen, it brings out its welcoming warmth and extraordinary appearance.


I also like to add patterns and characters in areas where masculine life is intense. The unique wall covering, a sophisticated, timeless, and luxurious look of all different taste levels really impresses me, and transforming this look into a richer design with decorations increases the value of the room.


To evoke modern metal, minimalist style, lighter color palette, and clean lines instead of a dominant dark color choice to create a masculine bathroom design, because modern, light-colored designs make the room light and airy. And the minimalist decoration look is something we can all appreciate.


If you live very close to the clouds, the inside of your home should be as striking as your surroundings. By using specially designed furniture and decor in our project, we have ensured the dominance of nobility and elegance. Designed in brownish and gray colors, this master bedroom feels both cozy and contemporary. When the wall is covered with 3D patterned timeless wallpaper, it further increases the charm and splendor of the bedroom. This master bedroom gets a good amount of natural light from its non-oversized side window which shows the design. The carpet, again in the same tones, connects the space, and the bedside units display usability for storage function.


For some, a restful bedroom means enjoying life while sipping an early morning coffee/tea while reading a few lines that are relaxing, entertaining, or inspiring. With bookshelves in these bedrooms, you create a relaxing atmosphere filled with both decorative and lots of books.


If you’re someone like me who loves modern designs and wants a more contemporary home, you can easily transform your bathroom into a sophisticated great modern design.
Modern designs are simple, clean, and minimalist in look, and often incorporate the latest bathroom technologies and construction techniques.

High-Rise Balcony

I think a minimalist design is the most ideal style for High-Rise condo and outdoor life in cities with hurricanes and tornadoes, and it minimizes the danger that may become disasters.

Master Bathroom Decoration

Ladies and gentlemen did you know the convenience these LED illuminated and wall-mounted mirrors provide to your daily life? And with luxe lacquer and acrylic accents in your bathroom?


As you can see we have created this noble, minimal and inviting living room using all natural colors, texture, and surfaces, with a predominance of earth tones and white.

If you are ready to make your decor better, gather all your courage to add different colors in the right spaces!
Elevate your living room, which you designed with natural colors, with colorful decors.