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It is our greatest passion and honor as a designer to represent and realize your life style, especially for those who seek their vision to come true within your Home..

Why do you need the help of an interior designer to give your entire home or an area a fresh look? Because, although you have a good taste, it is not easy to bring materials and elements together in matching and flowing atmosphere and for this reason you may need the help of an interior designer. And choosing a good interior designer is actually not easy. As a host, you want your house to look warm and beautiful, and you want to choose the people who have done the right job reflecting their client’s personality and taste.


  We as a designer, will reveal your personal style, help you determine the details, choose the materials that best suit your style with you or on your behalf, and have done good work in the past. You can have a very good idea about the designer that you want to find by going thru social media and seeking the portfolio and their completed projects, this is the best way for you. Because photos are the best indicator of what the designer has done. The great pride of Feri Designs, is being able to understand and interpret the details you the client share with us to carry them to the design and bring it to life. You can see and study our successfully completed projects with pride on our social media sites and on our website.


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Creative Design ($575)

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Complementary Design ($899)

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Kitchen Redesign ($1250)

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Paint Color Consulting ($100)

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Step by Step to your Dream home

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    Online Audio-Visual
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Online Audio-Visual :Schedule your free of charge initial 30 min audio-visual consultation .
Fill Out the Design Questionnaire.
Send photos of every wall of the room/Space and detailed shots of existing furniture to be incorporated into your room.
You, as a client, have different design packages to choose from; Each Design Includes: The maximum design square footage for one room is 500 sq. ft.
ll items are sourced from retail shops and can be purchased online. Links are beside the products “One click and you are there”.
Gather a list of inspiration photos of rooms you love, via Pinterest, and send them my way.

Take Our Design Questionnarie


All e-design packages include a complete e-design plan with the design tools (per the package listings BELOW), a personal note from our designer The details you want to know.

E-Design Plan, and a to-do list with designer tips to help you get started implementing the design
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