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Luxury Coastal Kitchen Details

I got a lot of questions about the color of the cabinets, but the cabinets came with their original colors and even though there are many slab/Flat cabinet colors, every cabinet maker uses their colors under different names. You know, there is a lot of competition.

First of all, I drew a floor plan in line with the sent dimensions and determined the layout.

Our customer left me to choose the cabinet colors completely for her. Ben Moore and Farlow are the color companies that I like and most prefer because I believe that they do not damage in a short time because the paint pigments are very strong, and it looks richer. So I chose the island and the sink cabinet from the same material, namely oak wood, the upper and the other cabinets are very light blue.

The tall cabinet and the top cabinets on the cooktop look much more attractive with smokey glass, don’t they?

I tried to make the whole island just be a large area to eat and chat when they get together, and I think I created a big counter space too. 

We made brownish-gray on the island in our house and granite in the same tones 7 years ago. Now I’m thinking of designing it differently and it will give me great pleasure to share it with you when it’s finished.

If you want to capture a more beachy atmosphere in your space, you should use some natural colors. I have always matched these two tones to each other, you can experience the blue of the ocean and all the beauty of the sand in your kitchen.


Porcelain is the perfect material to elevate the aesthetic, this porcelain slab that we used  for backsplash and counters was large format (5 ft. x 10 ft.)

Porcelain is non-porous and can be cleaned with solid disinfectants, providing homeowners with peace of mind that the surface can be easily cleaned and reassured.

A porcelain countertop can handle hot pans and pots placed on its surface. Since it is a natural stone, it does not emit harmful substances. Porcelain is one of the strongest ceramic tiles. Surface strength is achieved by the firing process.

We put a 3cm mitered edge on the island for an extra pop, but we used 1cm for the backsplash because we thought it was not necessary to make the wall thicker. We didn’t forget about the waterfalls, I think we caught very nice lines for the island, clean, fresh and modern. What do you think? Please, I am waiting for your comments.

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