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About Our Bussines

As Feri Designs, your local Home Interior Design company, based in Delray Beach, FL specializing in Kitchen & Bathroom and Full time Residential-Hospitality Interior Design. Our mission is to provide the best professional service to be completed smoothly and successfully that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality work, creativity, and Client service. All services we provide are Client orientated, our focus and aim are on their needs and safety and to create a unique and innovative solution that will strike a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. This makes all dreams come true.

How We Work – Step by Step


Every project starts with a consultation. This is an opportunity to meet up. We visit your site(s) to determine your needs, consult with you, take measurements, review the drawings and give an estimate. We mutually discuss our ideas suitable for your needs and style for the project and convey the general recommendations of our company to you. We consider our client’s point of view throughout the entire design process. Adapting to your budget is the cornerstone of your design’s success.

– After defining the Scope of Work, if you are interested in hiring us for the project, together we will review our service contract. You will exactly know the budget before you start your design project.

– And we will continue to discuss your needs, wishes, and priorities


-We will evaluate the spaces to design

-All product purchases are made by Feri Designs and their team. Project reports and updates are shared with the client weekly or as needed. The services we provide are the most streamlined and efficient approach, freeing our clients from managing the numerous and time-consuming details that come with purchasing.

-We provide ideas for materials, equipment, and accessories. i.e. appliances, countertops, cabinets, furniture, and lighting within budget.

-We can also provide plan views as CAD (dwg.) files


The white glove delivery and assembly of the furniture will be made on a specified day. Our professional team will ensure that every detail is handled properly and in the most detailed manner from start to finish.

-If there are any deficiencies, we will work through them as efficiently as, possible to bring them up to par,

– The final successful submission of the design project.


We Provide; 

-Concept Development

 -Professionally drawn and designed CAD drawings including:

       -Floor plans

       -Furniture placement plans

       -Lighting and accessory placement plans

-3D rendering

-Color selection

-Floor and wall covering selection

-Selection & Sourcing of materials

-Procurement of materials and products

-Evaluate builders and home center plans according to design    parameters

-Design supervision includes, coordination with contractors and supervision of the installation, application of all floor and wall coverings, furniture, lighting fixtures, etc. to comply with the design parameters.

-For a custom residential interior design project, our professional team offers service at all levels of the project, including complete turnkey and overall project management of your interior design changes, with all project details from the initial design stage to completion.


A successful interior design project requires experienced oversight to ensure that all aspects of the concept are implemented professionally. For a well-executed interior design, a skilled and experienced plan design manager oversees the project from start to finish. If you don’t know how to manage, you have to find a professional interior design project manager.

Feri Designs LLC is able to provide complete project supervision services through our professional project management services. All our clients’ projects are important to us, so our account manager works closely with each client to make sure all specifications and requirements are exceeded at every step of the process.

Our project manager oversees every aspect of our client’s project, including:

Project scheduling maintenance

Budgets and account setup

Draft assignment

Assisting with finish selection

Supervising the construction

Choosing decor elements

At Feri Designs, we understand the importance of a professional interior design project, so our team specifically evaluates each step of the plan to implement the design plans. Our clients find peace of mind with our project management services that allow them to focus on other aspects of their business that maybe needed


Reliable storage places to store items you have reserved for reuse or new furniture and decor
Scheduling Moving date
Commitment to place in accordance with the furniture plan
As your project manager, we take care of all the little details, including: