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High-Rise Condo " A bedroom complete with wood fluting panels, bedding, furniture, and lighting in sandy and beachy colors and looks.

How Can You Make A Room Look Luxurious With Average Design Elements?


High-Rise Condo " A bedroom complete with wood fluting panels, bedding, furniture, and lighting in sandy and beachy colors and looks.

We often think that the most expensive elements are the most beautiful, but we overlook how impressive they can be at an  average price. In order to make the room look more attractive and luxurious, you can dress the walls with different elements (wallpaper, wall panels, moldings, wainscoting, or paint them with eye-catching colors.) 

There is definitely a lower version of everything you design. You can get the economic versions of these panels from Wayfair and  Plywood Express , and you can also make your client very happy.

I chose to put a fluting panel, which is the trend of today, behind the head board, and in order to show the coastal style in this design, I kept to natural materials in the foreground.

After the news we received that a new baby will join the family, we added a very functional baby crib without changing the layout of the room, according to the mother’s request. We just removed the long dresser and replaced it with a baby crib.

And we created a gorgeous nursery space  from Buy Buy Baby.  

Yaaaay, We learned that a third baby boy is coming, we rearranged the room according to the baby, the happiness, comfort and quality of life of mother and baby are important.

I used three high-end products, one was drapery, because the window has extra  dimensions.  The ready-made curtains did not fit exactly anyway, we are not sure whether we will use curtains in the same straw, we can also use Zebra blinds instead of curtains, the host has not yet finalized his decision on this issue.

The second one is a beaded chandelier; from Wineyard Decorators.   I aimed to use woven and beaded lighting because I wanted this room to fully reflect the coastal ambiance. You can find these lightings and the more economical ones at Target, Walmart and Wayfair.

We can assist you in creating a nursery/corner Contact Us.

The third one is Hooker Bedsides, from Hooker Furniture

I used mid-end and high-end finishing materials, Check out my Blog Post

As you can see in the photo above, I couldn’t help but admire these clean-lined nightstands made of sanded wood and champagne-colored metal legs, because they were pieces that fit my Coastal theme and complemented my design. If you want to see the complete version of this room,SEE MOORE “proje linki baglanacak” and if you want to 

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