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Hello Beautiful Friends!

Winter has ended in many places and there are many people ready to embrace the summer season. I am one of them. I feel more comfortable in the summer heat..

Bedroom photos taken on the day we were accepted for the job. BEFORE!

Without further ado, please try to enjoy this beautiful season in abundance and be sure to follow @feridesignsllc

We also started our new job this summer season, and since the host was abroad, we started the Design work of the master suite as half E-design, half full time design, and taking advantage of our manager’s excellent measuring ability.



In order to create materials and furniture, first of all, it is necessary to draw a room plan and to create a furniture layout.

With the computer drawing we made, we showed the Top View of the room’s layout and furniture plan and got their approval from HUNGARY!!.

In fact, we presented 2 very similar design boards and they stated that they did not want only a desk, so we immediately removed the desk and chair and replaced it with a long chest.

The dominant colors that we will use in the house and the accent colors that we will use next to them were determined and all materials and designs were applied according to these colors.I wanted to use Benjamin Moore Calm as the main color on the walls and mostly because our customer prefers light and natural colors, I also prefer to use it mostly in coastal colors because it invites sand and shore, right? The inspiration for the colors and materials came from the reflections of the sea, sand and sun that we have all year around.


After finalizing the  location of all furniture, materials and elements it was time to create the general view of the room and I created the following Concept Design.


However, I have sent different options with lighting and pillow patterns, so I definitely offer one more option to all of my customers, because the satisfaction of our customers is utmost important for us.

Sometimes, as a result of some permits for renovation taking a very long time, the removal of some furniture and materials from stock is a separate factor.

We also sent the real images of the bedroom, which was approved by our customer. I would like to read your thoughts about this bedroom…

If you want to go shopping with us, please contact us.      SHOPPING CONTACT

See you in our next project, stay with all the best wishes and love. SUBSCRIPTION! 

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